Hanna is currently working on new music and a new live show. She will be announcing new live dates soon        -        meanwhile catch her here          

 The Austrian pop singer with Mexican and Polish roots is garnering attention with her debut album Lady Mechanic.


She first played the album live at the legendary “Viper Room” on L.A.’s Sunset Strip. Shortly after, she put on an impressive performance at Vienna’s Donauinselfest, Europe’s largest open-air music festival.


She wins audiences over with a distinctive voice and her energy-charged performances. Her style creates a category all its own.


Lady Mechanic isn’t just an album title, it’s the energetic golden-voiced singer’s life motto. It’s a symbol for a woman’s resilience, taking her fate into her own hands and following through on her dreams with passion and consistency.


Seeing Hanna Kristall on stage is an experience you’ll never forget. She exudes energy and delivers a breathtaking show with a voice that’s among the best in the Austrian music scene.”


Michael Ternai, mica

“On her debut album Lady Mechanic, Salzburg’s Hanna Kristall reveals herself as an artist who knows exactly what pop is about.”


Eberhard Forcher, Ö3

“Hanna Kristall sounds a bit like Madonna – but with a better voice.”


Helmut Schneider,

echo Medienhaus

“The young singer from Salzburg recently surprised us with her extraordinary and mature debut record Lady Mechanic, which found acclaim in Austria’s demanding music scene.”


BANK AUSTRIA (Kulturpreis):

“Hanna Kristall is an authentic, emotional and powerful Austrian singer with multicultural roots. Her intoxicating drive and dedication to her music are the best ambassadors for Bank Austria’s crowdfunding efforts.”

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