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Hanna Kristall is an Austrian born singer with Mexican and Polish roots, who is commuting between Berlin, New York and Vienna. After her first pop/funk- album 'Lady Mechanic' she surprises with a new electropop sound. Together with her producer she is shaping her sonic identity, currently fusioning electronical sounds with her versatile voice, that is being described as emotion-awakening, embodying both the depth of soul and the lightness of pop. Her latest single u know is a trap song: bass heavy, spherical and a little bit dark. The track is strongly reminiscent of some songs from The Weeknd and feels a bit like after hours in the club. 

Hanna Kristall started her musical path in 2017 with her debut album ‘Lady Mechanic’, that she recorded in the pulsating city of LA and first played live at the legendary "Viper Room" on Sunset Strip. Back in Vienna she took her music on stage at the Donauinselfest, Europe’s largest open-air music festival, where she started making her name as an energy charged live performer.

Strongly inspired by LA’s music scene she felt like her musical identity had only started to awaken and went on to work with Berlin based producer Daniel Karelly. Ever since they are continuously crafting her own blend of electronical sound combining it with Hanna Kristall’s soul voice, that is alternating between smoky and crystal clear. 


Hanna is currently travelling, writing and recording songs. She will be back on stage in 2024 for the release of her first EP. 

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“On her debut album Lady Mechanic, Salzburg’s Hanna Kristall reveals herself as an artist who knows exactly what pop is about.”

Michael Ternai, mica

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“Hanna Kristall sounds a bit like Madonna – but with a better voice.”

Eberhard Forcher, Ö3

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“The young singer from Salzburg recently surprised us with her extraordinary and mature debut record Lady Mechanic, which found acclaim in Austria’s demanding music scene.”

Helmut Schneider,
echo Medienhaus

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“Hanna Kristall is an authentic, emotional and powerful Austrian singer with multicultural roots. Her intoxicating drive and dedication to her music are the best ambassadors for Bank Austria’s crowdfunding efforts.”

BANK AUSTRIA (Kulturpreis)

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“Openness, cultural diversity, self-confidence, and the courage to change...

I want to encourage people not to hide, to be comfortable making mistakes, and to grow through those experiences.“

Petra Suchanek,
Salzburger Nachrichten

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