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Hanna is currently working on her EP. She will be back on stage in 2024 -> meanwhile catch her here          

#best of past concerts (2014-2020)

FEB 21st 2020_ Fest der Vielfalt, Salzburg                     
SEPT 20th 2019_ KLANGFARBE (Gasometer), Vienna    
SEPT 13th 2019_ BANK AUSTRIA Streetfestival, VIE      
JUNE 27th 2019_ WEXELERATE, Vienna                            
JUNE 21st 2019_ DONAUINSELFEST, Vienna                   
NOV 2018_ BANK AUSTRIA Gala, Albertina, Vienna       
AUG 2017_CD Release: The Viper Room, Los Angeles 
JULY 2017_ WIENERIN, Vienna                                            
AUG 2014_ SERVUS TV, Salzburg                                      
MAY 2014_ Miss Candy's B-DAY Party, U4, Vienna        
MARCH 2014_ MIA AWARD_ORF STUDIO55_Vienna        
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